The book From a Listener to a Broadcaster is a unique story of a mere listener turned into a broadcaster. The book captures some of the personal, historical, spiritual, academic, political and economic aspects that shaped Victor Kaonga a mere listener from 1989 when he was in primary school.

He shares his dreams, challenges, joys and sorrows of the journey. He also shares many lessons as well as ten things that he finds most annoying as one listens to radio. It also provides a snap-view of Malawi’s electronic media. Media academics, students, church leaders and radio audiences will find their respective pages appealing. Among others, the author shares his unique experience about the interview with the hard-to-get Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira who served as Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s Official Hostess and why this chat is relevant to the media and the Church.

The book through Mr. Pearson Chunga traces Trans World Radio’s special history in Malawi and its work on Shortwave. A Separate chapter chronicles the birth pangs of FM radios tracing to as far back as 1959 efforts through MEMA Studios which Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is currently using.

Through the 208-page book and printed in South Africa, the reader will find this as the first ever insightful publication on media in Malawi.

“From a LISTENER to a BROADCASTER“ is a fantastic book that offers a good understanding of the media in Malawi how it has grown and developed over the years. It offers a great opportunity to appreciate what might normally be taken for granted by the listeners or indeed the Broadcaster on the other hand in terms of expectations, communication etc be valued at each stage.

The personal touch in the book provides a good reflection point of the realities on one’s life despite media practitioners being coined as celebrities to the wider population. It is a great book to read especially by the upcoming and aspiring journalists or media practitioners as it offers great life’s lessons in this noble professional of being a journalist.

Dalitso Nkunika (Mrs.), Executive Director, Malawi Institute of Journalism—


“This book is a true written expression of the “born to be” broadcaster Victor Kaonga.

I first met Victor whilst serving with the United Bible Societies at the Africa institute of Christian Communication. This young broadcaster walked, talked it and

seemed to me live it. He spoke fondly of TWR radio from Swaziland.

It has been a privilege for me although coming in late to journey with him as he finalized this book.

I have read it in the draft and have just finished the published one.

Going through it I have found quite a reliable resource for the journey to ones calling. A piece of work genuine, in originality, candid.... relevant and appropriate for use across the spectra of human society. It is an informative on the transitioning and development of media landscape in Malawi but I believe this is representative of several African countries. I especially like it as it potrays also the aspect of Christian Media. The blending of Christian calling and professional journalism as expressed in this book would, if read, set a guide to anyone engaged in a similar role. I like how challenges, joys, limitations and setting of standards boundaries are dealt with.

I trust and believe that in the near future the book could be used in Christian Media training institutions especially for the historic aspect of media but more as a resource for a model life and journey of a calling to serve throgh media and still remain or grow to maturity as a Christian.”

Sphiwe Nxumalo-Ngwenya, Area Director, TWR, Southern and Central Africa