About Victor

I am honoured to share with you something about my life. It is both scary and exciting to let others have an insight into you through the pages of a book From a Listener to a Broadcaster.

From my late primary school days, I have always wanted to write something but this is my first formal book.

I have a twin sister Mary, born on 26th October 1972 in Malawi’s biggest and northern district of Mzimba. My father known as Before Panja was a civil servant in the Department of Forestry and retired in 1988 to go into farming and take care of his large family of eleven children. My mum’s full time job was to raise us.

I did most of my primary and secondary school education in Rumphi after which spent the next six years between Zomba and Mangochi for tertiary education.

After Malawi’s second multiparty elections in 1999, I joined Trans World Radio (TWR) in Lilongwe.

A resident of Lilongwe since 1999, I am married to Thembi (nee Mushani) and blessed with Nayumo, Sayiwe, Angana and Weyuyo.